​Our custom felt hats are all hand made with exceptional craftsmanship. Each one is fit to the customers size & shape of their head. A custom wooden block is provided, so when the hat is stored the size and shape can be preserved. Each hat can be customized by:

  • Felt quality & color
  • Brim size
  • ​Crown height
  • Bound edge
  • Ribbon color
  • Hat band
  • Liner
  • Sweat band
  • ​Sweat band name stamp
  • Shape

Our hats truly are one of a kind. We pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every Flint Hat.  Our hats are made to withstand the elements & be worn, they are a working man's/woman's hat. We can make a hat for most sizes (>20.5") or shape of head, any style, and really the sky is the limit. Jared makes every hat by hand and will customize to your needs. Check out our HAT GALLERY .  Please CONTACT US  or stop in with any questions. Don't forget we ship worldwide and will ship creased or open crown & flat brimmed.
​​Since we build custom made hats, we can also repair or upgrade them as well. Please note,we can repair *most* hats, exceptions apply. Not all things can be fixed, even for the most experienced hatmaker.

New Sweat Band….............…... $35.00
New Sweat Band & Liner.......... $40.00
New Liner Only……….............. $10.00
Trim Brim…......................…… $15.00
Replace/Add Ribbon Band ....... $10.00-$25.00
Replace/Add Bound Edge……...$50.00​



Our hats come in four basic qualities. The more beaver fur in the felt, the more durable, thinner, lighter, water-resistant, and better the finish is. All our custom hats come with a sweatband with your name printed on it, a silk liner, and a 2-ply ribbon hat band, (or other as specified), and a custom made hat retainer.


​10x Quality: 20% beaver fur; 80% rabbit fur
-----pricing starts at $275.00-----

10x Grizzly Quality: 20% beaver fur; 80% rabbit fur
-----pricing starts at $275.00-----

20x Quality: 50% beaver fur; 50% rabbit fur
-----pricing starts at $425.00-----

100x Quality: 100% beaver
-----pricing starts at $675.00-----

500x Quality:  Blend of pure beaver & mink fur

​​ Crown Height

5 ¾” tapered extremely low crown  

5 ¾” low crown

6” standard crown

6 ½” tall crown


2” to 5” in 1/8” increments


​Hat Bands

A​ll custom hats come with a 2-ply, 3-ply, or grosgrain ribbon of varying widths for a hat band unless specified. Other hat band options are available at additional cost.

Self Band- Felt band made to match the felt of the hat, same color and quality, additional $25.00

Self Band with Buckle- Self Band with Silver or Gold plated, 3 piece set, additional $40.00

Retail hat bands- we carry  many hat bands for retail sale in the store, or you can put one on yourself.

Additional Features

Bound edge- Many colors are available for edge binding, additional $30.00

Laced edge-
Hand laced with leather to accentuate the hat, additional $50.00

Eyelets- Available in many colors, the first six $10.00, every additional eyelet 50₵ each.

Brims over 4”, add $30.00

Bound edge, add $30.00

Laced edge, add $50.00

Self band, add $25.00

Self band with buckle, add $40.00

Eyelets, first 6, add $10.00, each additional 50₵ each ​​


*colors may be dependent on quality & brim width​​
Charcoal Grey
Steel Grey
Granite Grey

Silver Belly
Silver Mist

Natural (100x only)
​​Chocolate Brown

Dark Moss
Forest Green
Royal Blue
Powder Blue


Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm​
Sunday: CLOSED

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We pride ourselves on a large selection of straw hats. We carry straws year round, but you will find our largest selection of styles and sizes during the spring & summer months. Most of our straw hats are open crown & flat brim so you can crease to suit your style. Drop on in and see our selection!


​​Custom hat orders are best taken in person so we can measure & get the size/shape of your head. We realize that this is sometimes not an option. Therefore, if you cannot get to the shop or visit us at a show, the process is described below: ​

  1. Contact us: Call, email or contact us via social media​
  2. ​We will write up your order on an order form and give you a quote.​
  3. ​Once your 50% deposit is made, we will mail you a measuring kit with instructions.
  4. Receive your kit in the mail, take the appropriate measurements & mail back to us.
  5. Once we receive your measuring kit back in the mail, we will build your hat!
  6. Once the hat is completed a final payment is required & we will ship it to you, made & creased (or not creased) to your specifications.